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"Deconstructing bipolar disorder: from the population to the clinic"

Please join us for a discussion of of bipolar disorder genetics research

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Wally Prechter receives PBS award

The award recognizes her outstanding leadership in the community

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Dr. McInnis discusses PRIORI smartphone app project on NPR and Michigan Radio programs

Dr. McInnis' interviews were featured on Weekend Edition, and Stateside with Cynthia Canty

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Listening to bipolar disorder

Smartphone app that detects mood swings via voice analysis could act as early warning of need for care, Prechter Fund research suggests

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A Journey of Discovery and Hope

"Learning you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder is not easy for anyone especially a young, beautiful and creative college freshman."

Kaitlyn's story

Prechter Fund Partners with Brain Bank

Studying brain tissue from people with bipolar disorder offers unique research opportunity

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Dr. McInnis interviewed on "Street Beat"

Dr. McInnis discusses the Prechter Fund's latest research

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